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To be featured by CHEER BIZ in their Cutting Edge Warm-up Review was an honor in itself, " it also confirmed the unique position Cheer Factor holds in the Warm-up business.  Not one company reviewed,  or that is in the warm-up business,  are "true" design companies,  that allow you full creative freedom to work with a fashion designer to create exactly what you want from fabric to fit to design. 

Other companies either pull from existing stock designs and by adding your team name, call their warm-ups custom or companies that allow you to go to their website, click on a color palette on an existing design, choose your colors and they call that custom.  What happens if the design they have shown on the site, no matter what colors are chosen is not what you had in mind, you have not altered or created a design you've only chosen color combinations,  is that "true" custom?.

Also of the nineteen companies that were featured, Cheer Factor was the only company to utilize free-flow fabric inserts as arched elements that comprised the fabrication of the Warm-up. This technique, demonstrates the craftsmanship required and precision sewing necessary to produce a garment that gives unequaled floor and field presence. The dated look of vertical fabric, traditional athletic stripes and piping down shoulders, arms and waistband were utilized by the other eighteen companies." noted James Preste Director of Marketing.



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