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SubDi II full body sublimation Warm-ups introduced by Cheer Factor-The Warm-up Company.

Minneapolis based Cheer Factor Inc-The Warm-up Co., once again leads the apparel industry with true custom “original” Warm-ups and Costumes that YOU create in full body sublimation. Not the case with online/catalog companies that use standard designs allowing you to change the base color and add your logo. With Cheer Factor the dance studio owner or gymnastics coach work with a fashion designer that creates your SubDi II apparel from the ground up. You won’t see others wearing your apparel at competition and they never discontinue your warm-up!  Here are a few Cheer Factor SubDi II warm-ups to show what is possible. Request a Free Design workbook to get started.

Visit the Cheer Factor Design Collection page.


Introducing the MicroMini “Capri” Warm-up by Cheer Factor

The long awaited Cheerleading custom Micro-Mini "crop" design warm-ups, is now a reality and has been adopted by All-Star competitive cheer programs across the country. This unique, ultra snug fit design, can also be easily layered for stunting or for a color contrast visual enhancement. Cheer Factor Warm-ups can be created in over 49 colors.

Created with Cheer Factors exclusive close knit contour knitted cuffs and waistband, this design allows for a myriad of contrasting or matching colors to make it your own. Coupled with our proportion fit pants in Crop, Straight (boot-cut), Flare, or Side Slit design, all with no-charge custom made-to-length pants, makes Cheer Factor the Warm-up of choice for the nations leading teams, dance studios, and clubs in America.

From the beginning, Cheerleading teams and dance studios have wanted an alternative to the catalog companies old fashioned style.  Cheer Factor has once again answered the call in a design that will not be discontinued, thanks to Cheer Factor proprietary design process.  Located in the Minneapolis suburb of Rosemount, Cheer Factor’s fashion designers have been sought after throughout the US and Canada by directors, coaches and chorographers who want the creative freedom to design the competition warm-up or performance costume to their specifications, not the case when ordering from a catalog company.  Cheer Factor Inc. –the Warm-up Co. is truly in a class by itself.

Visit the Cheer Factor Design Collection page to see what is possible.



Ashley Yantes Photography and Design Studio, Selected Official Photographer for Cheer Factor Inc.-the Warm-up Company.

Ashley Yantes Photography the most requested Minneapolis and St. Paul MN. Wedding Photographer, "was selected by our company, because of her understanding of our industry", noted James Preste, Cheer Factor- Director of Marketing.

Minneapolis Wedding Photographer

Besides being a member of the State Champion Eastview Lighting Competition Cheer squad, she was also a member of the nationally ranked SCSU Collegiate Cheer team for 4 years. She has vast experience, in editorial writing and has been a Contributing Editor to Cheerleading/Dance and Drill Magazine where she covered cheerleading trends, body conditioning and fashion trends.

Ashley's efforts can already be seen on the Cheer Factor Website and in their print Advertising. Her fashion photography of Cheer Factor's latest One-of-a-kind Designs grace the leading industry trade publications, such as Dance Spirit, Dance Studio Life and American Cheerleader ."With her Design studio, she is able to give us the depth and cutting-edge graphics that we needed to add to our present in-house capabilities. These graphics in our Advertising and Direct mail pieces, help to differentiate us as the "True Custom Warm-up Manufacturer", noted Preste.

Ashley Yantes Photography and Design


Cheer Nation – Dance and Cheer Competition Company, partners with Cheer Factor-the Warm-up Company.

Strong partners are key for brand building and Cheer Nation is considered one of the best in the industry, Cheer Factor is proud to welcome Georgia based, Cheer Nation the leading Cheer and Dance competition Event Company in it quest to expand its family of partner companies. Cheer Nation

Cheer Nation features the National Championship Final Destination series with 6 two-day dance and cheerleading competion events held in Birmingham, AL, Nashville TN, Atlanta, GA, New Orleans, LA, Pittsburgh, PA and Virginia Beach, VA, with other cities under consideration . Each competition offers state-of-the-art technology and cutting edge productions with team scores posted immediately after each team’s performance. Cheer Nation prides themselves, on understanding the needs of teams, coaches as well as the parents participating in their competitions.

“Through their commitment to innovation and excellence, Cheer Factor has become the premier company for custom and style-conscious competition warm-up designs. All-Star cheer teams and dance studios, along with a variety of other athletic programs across the country have selected Cheer Factor to create custom, cutting-edge warm-ups! Their fashion designers are the best in the industry, and possess a design flair that is unparalleled! "We are truly excited about the opportunity to partner with Cheer Factor”, noted David Yates, President/CEO of CheerNation.

Visit their site


Introducing Texas Orange Warm-ups, Hot Pink and Lime Green Warm-ups. Color choices are what it is all about at Cheer Factor-the warm-up company.

Warm-up colors as well as fabric choices are paramount when creating warm-ups for gymnastic teams, dance studios, All-Star cheer teams, even synchro swimming and skating teams. Cheer Factor has positioned itself in a leadership position by offering the most fabric colors available by any warm-up apparel manufacturer. Why, žbecause our customers have looked to us to pave the way with innovation from our truly stunning competition warm-ups, now to the depth of fabric colors, textures and moisture management characteristicsÓ, noted James Preste, Cheer Factor Director of Marketing.

By partnering with their fabric mills, creating totally breathtaking fabric colors are achievable. Colors that only a few months ago were on a teams wish list, are now a standard color at Cheer Factor. With 49 colors, that range from Texas Orange, Lilac,

Apple Green, Blue Aqua, Florida Teal, Victory Blue, Winter White, Tropical Yellow, Pewter, Ballet Pink, Chocolate, Sunset beige, Fuchsia, Dolphin Green, Hot Pink, Lime Green to Tennessee Orange these are only a few of the designer colors that are being displayed by teams who take competing on a Local, State and National level seriously in their Cheer Factor Warm-ups they have designed.


Request a Design Workbook for fabric samples.


Figure Skating Warm-ups receive Five Star Rating by Online Authority - Skating!

Synchronized Skating and Figure Skating Clubs across America, know fashion and fit and once again Cheer Factors žcustomÓ Warm-ups have garnered a superb following of the nations leading skating programs. This time it has been documented by Online Skating authority

Jo Ann Schneider Farris, Skating-Senior Editor noted žThe Cheer Factor company takes a style idea and makes it into a reality. The quality of the warm-up suits are one of the best options available for synchronized skating team uniforms. The Cheer Factor company prides itself in its customer service and works closely with synchronized team skaters and coaches to design the best warm-up suit possible for a team. Skaters won't be disappointed since the quality of Cheer Factor's product is high. The skaters in the team may gain confidence when they arrive at synchronized skating events and competitions dressed in the suits. The suits are warm and will keep skaters comfortable during practice sessions. The full-length side zipper option, make it easy for team members to remove the pants during a busy practice session when the synchronized skating coach asks for the skaters to practice in skating skirts. The styles are never discontinued a huge advantage. When new skaters join a team, additional suits can be made and purchased since after the first twelve suits are designed, additional orders can be made over timeÓ.

žWe feel very fortunate to have a 5 Star Rating. It means a lot to us as a company and to the skating community, where we have a huge customer base. Our fashion designers love creating totally unique designs that are used on and off the iceÓ, noted James Preste, Cheer Factor Director of Marketing.


Click here for the Product Review.


Cheer and Dance Competition company Champion Spirit Group latest to partner with Cheer Factor-the Warm-up Company.

In an effort to establish strong partners with the best in the industry, Cheer Factor is proud to welcome Illinois based, Champion Spirit Group the Upper Midwest’s leading Cheer and Dance competition event company to the expanding family of partner companies. 

Champion Spirit Group is underway with 18 National events including competitions in Florida, New Jersey, Arizona, Indiana, Iowa, Wisconsin, Missouri, Ohio, Illinois and Washington DC.  Champion Spirit Group maintains an extremely loyal following, and their company is one of the Midwest’s largest and most respected cheer and dance competition companies.

“In addition to top-notch competitions, we offer private camps, choreography, coaches training, and a 14,000 square foot training center solely dedicated to cheerleaders and dancers.  Our slogan says it all, Champion Spirit Group “Where Champions Compete”. Cheer Factor has become the sought after company, known for their breath-taking competition warm-up designs.  All-Star cheer teams and dance studios across the country know that if they take competing seriously there is only one company with the top fashion designers that can create that unmistakable identity for their team, and Cheer Factor is that company.  We look forward to a long relationship”, noted Michael Bolden, Champion Spirit Group Excecutive Director.


Dancewear and Dance Costumes have come of Age,
thanks to Cheer Factor’s fashion designers!

Dancewear as well as Dance Costumes have taken on many body styles and fashion statements over the years, however now with the proprietary design process offered by the fashion designers at Cheer Factor, your dancewear costume/warm-up can become a reality in over 40 colors and 4 designer fabrics, even special order fabrics if required.

Dancewear that presents a dominant floor presence or arena supremacy at competition or for an audience performance is ultimate, and working with a seasoned design team can make all the difference when creating your Dancewear or Performance Warm-up.  Gone is  the so-so design, create an electrifying team vision in your apparel by working hands-on with  a Cheer Factor designer through a myriad of fit, design and fabrication processes unique in the Warm-up business.  Catalog companies promote stock designs and little to no design options.  The Warm-ups they offer are baggy, noisy and are made from unflattering unisex patterns that have continual fit and moisture problems.  Cheer Factor’s proportion fit Male, Female and Youth (no-unisex) patterns provide an unequaled professional performance fit, with the pattern designed to promote active movement and they utilize moisture management fabrics for a comfortable experience.  Plus they offer 26 Cheer Factor exclusive No-Charge options, unmatched by any company in the industry.

This Custom Dance costume - Warm-up in black and white, created in 11 oz performance polyester (four-way stretch fabric) is an outstanding example of what can be achieved with collaboration between a customer and a Cheer Factor designer.  Working together, new patterns were developed creating flowing color inserts with detailed piping in symmetry plus perfect match insert extension from jacket to pants where precision pattern making and sewing techniques distinguish a Cheer Factor Dance Costume or Warm-up in the marketplace.

Notice that this Dancewear costume/Warm-up has been designed with a zipper that actually curves to match the flow of the jacket insert and piping.  Then to promote depth to the design, white ½” inserts were added to the cuffs, waistband and collar for that unmistakable Cheer Factor floor presence.

Click here for the Design Collection Page.


About Cheerleading, the Cheer Industry online authority, awards Cheer Factor Warm-ups a Five Star Rating!

The Cheerleading industry consistently seeks out the latest information on the Sport and About Cheerleading is recognized as the online authority for cheerleading news, product reviews, coach information, cheer competitions and career opportunities.

To be considered for a Product Review is indeed flattering, but to receive the highest possible rating (5-Star) is confirmation of the unique position Cheer Factor holds in the competitive Warm-up apparel segment of the Cheerleading, Dance and Gymnastics markets.

The majority of catalog manufacturers produce Warm-ups using offshore foreign manufacturing facilities.  Cheer Factor manufactures it’s Warm-ups at its Design Studio/Headquarters offices in Rosemount MN, a suburb of the Twin Cities.

About Cheerleading’s Product Review consisted of the evaluation of Cheer Factors craftsmanship and quality, fabric durability and moisture management qualities, fabric choices and color selections, fit for male, female and youth size warm-ups, in-house fashion design capabilities and customer service.

About Cheerleading has reviewed apparel companies from across the US over the years.  Cheer Factor has been reviewed three times, as a Custom Warm-up manufacturer, a Polyester Warm-up manufacturer and as a Fleece Warm-up manufacturer and in very case was given the highest rating possible, the coveted 5-Star Rating.

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Texas All Star Cheerleading Teams Discover Cheer Factor®!

It is no surprise when it comes to All-Star Cheerleading programs Texas is in the leadership position. Surely there are great All-Star programs all across America. However, as All-Star Cheerleading programs continue to improve, Texas tends to lead the movement for the latest and greatest in innovation and leadership.
Part of that innovation also centers around “first impression” and that is where cutting edge cheerleading apparel can make all the difference in the world.  From team intimidation to a head turning wow factor, teams want and need to look their very best, whether at Nationals or locally within there community. A professional appearance has become mandatory. 

It’s also no surprise that over 100 of the leading Texas All-star programs have looked north to Minnesota and Cheer Factor-The Warm-up Co. for that breathtaking competition Warm-up.  Warm-ups designed by Cheer Factor are now a main stay as traveling apparel or as walk-ons that set the stage for team unity and competition superiority.

All-Star Teams such as Excite! Gym & Cheer, Highland Village & Flower Mound, TX, are just one of the nationally recognized cheerleading programs who have created truly stunning competition warm-ups that make a statement in their own right. James Preste, Director of Marketing for Cheer Factor, noted žteams are tired of the look-a-like warm-ups offered by catalog companies or those that allow you to click on a pre-made stock design on their web site and promote it as žcustomÓ. True žcustomÓ is derived in the design and manufacturing steps and that is where Cheer Factor stands alone in its proprietary process. When working hand-in-hand with Cheer and Dance Directors, Advisors and Head Coaches they quickly realize there are no limitations to creativity allowing for the first time no compromises in design, fit or the fabrics used in manufacturing.”

Cheer Factor Inc-The Warm-up Company, has carved out a unique niche with All-Star Cheer Teams, Dance Studios, Gymnastics and Synchronized Skating Teams. They have found that having total control of the design process is synonymous with Cheer Factor.

Click here for the Cheer Factor Design Collection Page.                   


Windsuits for Athletic teams become fashion statement!

Windsuits and track suits have come a long way, thanks to the Cheer Factor fashion designers, who have re-tooled this mainstay in athletic apparel.  Wind suits have long been that oversized unisex design a baggy one color nylon garment with chafing elastic cuffs,  bulky hoods and drawstring waistbands. For those athletes who prefer Windsuits choices were few or non existent.

Rethinking the Windsuit has been the latest project Cheer Factor’s design team has put their minds to.  Fit is always up most and choice is paramount to Cheer Factor.  The ability to use a wide range of fabrics, some in 40 colors, along with the use of fabric as inserts to become part of the garment, are just a few of the advances coupled with a “No Cuff, No-Waistband” design, that truly adds a new perspective.  Our designs have become the “new” Windsuit for today’s athlete or competition team.  Along with making a fashion statement, Cheer Factor’s proportion fit Windsuits,  also allow for motion enhanced activities.  No matter what your design idea might be, you will have the opportunity to work with a fashion designer to create your Windsuit, not the case when ordering the old fashioned way from a catalog company.

Click here for the Design Collection Page.



Cheer Factor Introduces New Ultra Snug Fit Warm-up

Known as the only true “Custom” Warm-up manufacturer in the market, Cheer Factor now introduces the ultimate in warm-up apparel, their all-new Ultra Snug Fit Warm-up.

This performance warm-up integrates a myriad of design motion insert techniques that enable a very snug fit, yet with full 360 degree motion potential.  The result, “an excellent slimming jacket visually and the fit almost becomes part of you.

The fabric (Performance Poly 11 oz) and the design work in harmony, allowing for a tapered waist with center rotation along with shoulder and arm flex potential. We’ve put the best of our fashion design team together to formulate the Ultra Snug pattern,  it has filled the need of Dance, Gymnastic, Cheerleading and Synchronized Skating teams nationally.  It’s in a class all by itself from style, fit, function, and floor presence, noted James Preste, Director of Marketing.

Click here for the Design Collection Page



Dance Costumes as “Theme” based Warm-ups by Cheer Factor!

Whether it be Dancewear, a Dance Costume, or a Competition Uniform, Dance studios from across America have focused on the unique Fashion design capabilities of Cheer Factor.  They especially seek out Cheer Factor when they need to create “theme” based warm-ups that are to be used as Costumes.

“Once studio owner’s talk with a real fashion designer at Cheer Factor who understands costuming, fabric and its stretch, draping and moisture wicking characteristics and the ability to fabricate something totally unique for their competition /dance team they are on-board”.  “We offer something no-one else does in the Warm-up business.  There are now copy cat companies out there, who talk about custom, but what they really offer is the ability for a customer to change the color on a stripe or a panel on an existing design. They are not fabricating something new each and every time as we do.  That’s what makes our current studio/team base such strong supporters of our company”, noted James Preste, Director of Marketing.

No matter what the concept, Cheer Factor has the creative design staff that can pull it off, as is the case with this Indy inspired Warm-up created for a Portland  Dance team.  This bold Black and White statement for a DC based studio and this smooth flowing studio Pink and Black design for a leading Florida dance company are just some more examples of our true “custom” warm-up design capabilities.


Color Guard, Flag Team and Winter Guard Teams select Cheer Factor for Performance Costumes and Uniforms

“Creating a Master list of Color Guard, Flag Team and Winter Guard teams from across America was simple, due to the number of teams that are now part of the ever growing Cheer Factor® family”, noted James Preste, Cheer Factor® Director of Marketing . “What we’ve accomplished with Dance, Gymnastics and Cheerleading teams in creating truly breath taking warm-up designs, has made us the sought after company for those Color Guard teams that want to make a positive first impression at competition.

The unique ability for these teams to create an awesome field presence, unlike anything they can find from a catalog supplier, has made Cheer Factor® the leading Color Guard Warm-up / Performance Uniform design/manufacturer, for these fashion conscience performance teams.  “With over 40 colors including hologram 4-way stretch fabrics, allows teams to make a lasting impression no matter if our Warm-ups are used as a performance uniform, traveling team apparel or practice gear.” noted Preste.

Click here for the Design Collection Page. Click here for Color Guard Directory.

Gymnastics Teams Swarm Cheer Factor for Custom Warm-ups!

Gymnastic Clubs and teams from across the USA have selected Cheer Factor® as their Warm-up of choice.  The reason; Warm-ups need to fit correctly for gymnasts who want fashion and style , and are now mainstream for the leading gymnastics teams who compete locally, nationally and internationally!

“The ONLY Company that offers what gymnasts require and have been looking for is Cheer Factor® –the Warm-up company”, noted James Preste Cheer Factor Director of Marketing.  Teams are tired of Velour that attracts chalk, tired of nylon the noisy, baggy fitting warm-ups, and of limited choices from a catalog company, They are fed up with clicking on a design on a website to create a warm-up then arriving at a competition only to see other teams with their warm-up because they too have clicked on the same color selection on the website. 

Enter Cheer Factor® who has taken the Gymnastic world by storm, according to teams like Gymnastic Unlimited in California.  “We strive at being a step ahead in the programs we offer, in our training facility and in the Warm-up apparel that separates our club at competition.   No other company offers what Cheer Factor® does, hands down.  Many companies talk about custom, but Cheer Factor does it.  They are unsurpassed in their ability to create a floor presence that is unique to your team, with fit, fabric, quality and value, that’s what makes Cheer Factor® the stand alone Gymnastics Warm-up company,” noted Lisa Eichman Director/Owner – Gymnastics Unlimited “Pikes” - Valencia, CA.

Click here for the Design Collection Page.


Cheer Factor® Brand, receives United States Patent and Trademark Registration Approval

Cheer Factor® Inc., an apparel Warm-up manufacturing company based in Rosemount, Minnesota, a suburb of Minneapolis/St. Paul, continues its market penetration nationally. Cheer Factor® has received word that its application for Trademark Registration has been approved.

"It was important as we grow the company for us to have our name and graphic symbol Registered through the United States Patent and Trademark office," noted James Preste, Director of Marketing for Cheer Factor.

The Cheer Factor® mark(name) and symbol(trademark) was registered by Cheer Factor on January 17, 2006, pursuant to Certificate of Registration No 3,405,620 for "sports apparel and accessories, namely, sweatpants, sweatshirts, jackets, sweaters, T-shirts, sport tops, shorts, warm up suits, uniforms, and headwear." Cheer Factor has made common law use of the CHEER FACTOR® mark for five (5) years.

"The Cheer Factor name and trademark have become synonymous with unsurpassed quality and being a true "custom" Warm-up apparel design manufacturing company," noted Preste. Cheer Factor's core business is centered on its unique ability to create truly individual Warm-up apparel for Dance studios as well as Cheerleading and Gymnastics teams across America.

Dance Teacher Magazine features Cheer Factor New Slim-Fit Design Warm-up!


Dance Teacher MagazineDance Studio and Dance Teams wanting to secure their own identity from the thousands of Dance teams across America, look to companies that allow them to create costumes and warm-ups that are as distinctive as their studios.  Featured in the recent issue Dance Teacher, America’s leading Dance publication directed to the dance studio business, featured Cheer Factor in their Style-Fashion “ Class Couture” article. A Slim-fit warm-up was featured in Performance Poly, moisture wicking 11 oz. fabric.  The unique fashion statement, was created with black and white fabric inserts in the front chest, back , upper arms, cuffs, collar and waistband.  The pants included a detailed step and repeat pattern of individual fabric inserts down each leg for the flare pant design.

Cheer Factor is the only Warm-up company that works on a different concept than others who are considered catalog suppliers.  The Cheer Factor process allows studio owners and directors to be part of the design process, in-fact they encourage total freedom in working with Cheer Factors group of in-house Fashion Designers.  The result according to James Preste, Director of Marketing for Cheer Factor “ Studio Owners are amazed at what is possible, finally their ideas and vision of a Warm-up whether used as for competition, performance or as a traveling team identifier can be created specifically for their studio, has differentiated Cheer Factor in a class all it’s own, away from the catalog companies.”


(Click here to see the Cheer Factor Design Collection Page)   

Ballet Warm-ups by Cheer Factor featured in Dance Magazine

Dance Magazine-New York, recently covered the growing market for Dance and Ballet Warm-ups used to " keep dancers warm during breaks, in class, rehearsal or during performance, to help prevent injury" noted Janelle Cooke of Colorado Ballet.

A Cheer Factor Warm-up was featured, as a new apparel trend emerging in the Ballet and Dance market. The Competition Warm-up shown was in performance poly, in royal blue and black, in a color block design including double white piping. Cheer Factor Warm-ups allow the Studio Director or Dance Team coach the ability to create a true "custom warm-up" or performance uniform they have always wanted in 4 designer fabrics and in over 40 colors.

Varsity Cheer Team Wins Sportsmanship Award from Cheer Factor

The coveted Sportsmanship Award was won by the Varsity Cheerleading Team of Eagan High School, the Wildcats. They competed with teams from across Minnesota, at the recent Valley Open one of the leading Cheer competitions in the State. The Wildcats were chosen by the Competition Judges, for their character and conduct befitting a team that represents the qualities to be awarded the Cheer Factor Sportsmanship Award.

Cheer Factor Co-Sponsors various Dance, Cheerleading, Gymnastics, Fencing and Volleyball tournaments across the US. If your organization is interested in partnering with Cheer Factor please email us at Give us background on your event, number of teams competing, web site info and what might interest your group.




Youth Size Warm-ups with built-in growth options for Dance, Cheer, and Gymnastics Squads another industry first!

Warm-ups for Youths are a specialty at Cheer Factor. Other companies have limited styles and offer Small, Medium and Large sizes. The problem, what if your team member doesn’t fit into that size?  With Cheer Factor we fit the entire range of sizes as we produce from Size 4 through 14 in Youth, plus Adult sizes both Male and Female (no unisex) in XS to XXXL, so your entire squad can wear the same warm-up, not the case with catalog suppliers. Cheeer Factor offers an unheard of,  five jacket styles and four pant styles with custom pant length and that is only a few of the 26 No-Charge Options exclusive to Cheer Factor true "custom" Warmp-ups.

Because YOU the Dance Director or Coach work with our fashion designers, YOU create the visual impact of the design. Gone are the days when ordering the old fashioned way from a catalog company, and seeing other teams wearing the same warm-up as yours at competition. YOU are truly a part of the design team, so express your visual presence in a Warm-up that represents the floor presence you demand.

No one matches the Cheer Factor proprietary design and manufactuing process and they are made in Minnesota at the Cheer Factor Design Studio/Corporate offices.

Click here to visit our Design Collection page.

Custom Warm-ups, Dance Warm-ups, Cheerleading Warm-ups and now in over 40 Colors From Cheer Factor!

Cheer Factor introduces a first, our Performance Poly fabric is now available in over 40 colors. From the traditional colors used for All-Star Cheer, Dance Studio and Collegiate teams, to the not so traditional. Some of those not traditional colors include: lime green, hot pink, light pink, lavender, rose, steel blue, purple, tan, baby blue, Texas orange, hornet teal, kelly green, forest green, turquoise, 4 shades of gray and an array of pastel colors as well.

No other company offers you more in color choices and fabrics. Our Cold weather fabrics include Micro fleece and Wooley and our Performance fabrics are available in Warm and Cold Weather weights 10.5, 11,11.5, 14.5, and now in 15.5 ounce. We have fabrics for Alaska to Florida and everywhere in between.. We also can special order the fabric of your choice to produce your One-of-a-kind Warm-up.
Call us at 1-866-94-CHEER and see our Design Collection page!



ProDance Welcomes Cheer Factor as Warm-up Sponsor for National Event

“There is only ONE event a year, that is the place to be for Dance teams who perform at the Professional level. Those who entertain all of us at NFL, NBA, WNBA, CFL and AFL games across America and Canada, and that event is ProDance. The sole resource and authority for the latest in Dance technique presented in a non-competitive environment and by the World’s top choreographers. Their sharing unique insight and experience make what we see performed on the field or in the arena, awe inspiring.” noted James Preste Cheer Factor Director of Marketing. “We’re proud to have been select as the Exclusive Warm-up company to help sponsor this action packed event to the Dance Director and team member at the professional level.”.

“Cheer Factor Inc., has made its mark across America, as the only true custom manufacturer of Competition Performance and Traveling Warm-ups. The concept allows the Dance Director or Studio Owner to work in harmony with a fashion designer to create a memorable One-Of-A-Kind Warm-up, not the case with an off the shelf retailer or catalog warm-up supplier. Cheer Factor Inc. is truly in a class by themselves” and were proud to have them on-board.. stated Cheryl Lawson ProDance Event Coordinator

Hip-Hop Dance Team Selects Cheer Factor

The nationally ranked Whoa Hip Hop Dance Company from Carleton College, decided on Cheer Factor for their Performance Costumes. “ It wasn’t a hard decision, Cheer Factor leads the Dance industry with innovative designs that their fashion designers create, so your floor presence is truly unique”, according to Chris Courneen, Whoa Director. “We needed a statement for our Hip-Hop dance team and we were tired of purchasing Costumes that only had a one-time use. Warm-ups designed as Performance apparel is sweeping the country, and Cheer Factor is the leader in that field” stated Coureen.

Cheer Coach & Advisor Magazine Profiles Cheer Factors Unique Niche!

It’s no wonder a respected Coach publication, has looked into the success of the Industry Leader in Warm-up apparel, Cheer Factor Inc. “The article (Jun/July 05) entitled “ The Warm-up has Come of Age” with partial submission copy by Cheer Factor Director of Marketing, spells out the confusion in the market when referring to “custom” apparel and especially Warm-ups. “There’s confusion in the market and there are copycats but NO-ONE produces “true” custom Warm-ups with the fabric, colors, the fit and the options provided the Coach or Studio Owners than Cheer Factor “The testimonials we’ve received confirms our leadership roll in the Warm-up business”. stated James Preste Cheer Factor’s Director of Marketing.

Clear Lake Rockettes, Houston Select Cheer Factor Inc.

One of the countries most respected Dance Teams, which has been honored by numerous National Titles across the US. has chosen Cheer Factor of Rosemount MN a suburb of Minneapolis, to create a truly unique warm-up design for their 114 member Competition Dance Team. Cheer Factor’s design team worked in collaboration with the studio owner to create a sleek clean design using Metallic Fuchsia, Metallic Purple, Silver and Black for a real showstopper. Next time you see the Clear Lake Rockettes remember their sporting a true custom warm-up from Cheer Factor.

Cheer Factor Announces “Most Improved Team Award”

As a national company, Cheer Factor Inc.-The Warm-up Co. is involved in many Cheer and Dance competitions across the United States as a Co-Sponsor or Event exhibitor. Cheer Factors goal is to meet with Coaches, Studio Owners and team participants to educate them about the difference a “true” Competition Warm-up company can offer, over a stock catalog supplier. Cheer Factor donates products, coach’s gifts and other items to make your competition unique at the events they work with.

Teams that compete at these events are eligible to Win the coveted Cheer Factor “Most Improved Team” Award. We work with your judging staff to determine the overall winner at your event. If you are holding a Competition and are interested in how Cheer Factor can add a new dimension to your event including our Most Improved Team Award being presented, please call James Preste, Director of Marketing at 1-866-94-CHEER.

Armstrong Cheer Team Wins Coveted Cheer Factor Award

At the recent Valley Open Cheer Competition where nearly 40 teams competed in the day long event, the Robbinsdale Armstrong Cheer Team coached by Alissa Dubay, was winner of the “Most Improved Team” Award. “The team has spent endless hours improving our routine and it has paid off”-noted coach Dubay. We are proud to be recognized by the competition judges and Cheer Factor for our continued quest for perfection. The Valley Open is hosted each November, by Apple Valley High School under the direction of Cheryl Donely, AVHS Varsity Comp Team Coach. If your team is interested in competing please contact her at 952-431-8200. The event is Co-Sponsored by Cheer Factor Inc.

Email Cheryl for information, or visit the AVHS website.

Nationally recognized Author/Coach teams up with Cheer Factor

Angie Lund-Executive Director of S.T.A.R.S , has been consultant to numerous Award Winning Dance/Drill/Kick and Cheer teams across America. She has authored the ever popular, Reach for the Stars: Coaching tips for today’s competitive Kick Teams in Paperback and DVD and is the creator of Conditioning and Strengthening Workout for Dance, Drill and Cheer Teams. She is and has been a Contributing editor to Cheerleading Dance and Drill Magazine, Dance Spirit and Dance Director Survival Guide. Angie’s thought provoking articles can be found on the Cheer Factor web site under the Coach’s Corner.

Cheer Factor Featured in Cheerleading Dance and Drill Magazine

Feature articles have been written about Cheer Factors unique Warm-up niche’ in the April/ May 2004 and July/August issues of this prestigious industry magazine. Cheer Factor was praised with their ability to pioneer a new design concept by allowing the Coach or Studio Owner to work hand in hand with a fashion designer, to create a One-of-a-kind Competition Warm-up. With over 20 No-Charge true “custom” options from pant leg lengths to size, not the one size fits all, to youth sizes from size 4 thru 14, not small medium and large and using 4 designer fabrics (micro fleece, wooley, performance poly in 4 weights and interlock) some in over 40 colors makes Cheer Factor the logical choice.

Editors Review by Volleyball Magazine

Annually Volleyball Magazine, puts Warm-ups to the test, checking on Overall quality, Moisture control, Durability, Appearance, Material and Movement-Flexibility. Cheer Factor was compared to the likes of Reebok, Nike, Mizuno, Asics, Champion and Russell Athletics.

The Editor Comments:

  1. The material is a major positive. Not only does it give the suit a good look, but it is also practical as well in terms of flexibility, warmth and moisture retention.
  2. The hood on the jacket is something I really like. It makes it a jacket that can be used indoors and outdoors.
  3. I like the fact the company custom designs the suits to meet the requirements of each user. That would be a strong selling point with schools and clubs.

Dance Spirit Magazine highlights Brainerd Kixters Warm-up

Editor Lisa Arnett, of Dance Spirit recently featured the Custom Warm-up created by Cheer Factor Inc. for the Nationally ranked Brainerd Kixters coached by Cindy Clough (Just for Kix) and Carrie Cowell. The performance polyester warm-up was created in collaboration with the Cheer Factor design staff. It includes a three color competition design incorporating chest, underarm and leg fabric inserts, double white detail piping, pouch pockets, hood , contrasting drawcords, zipper and side slit pants legs. The Brainerd Kixters are among the country’s leading competitive dance teams.

School Uniform Magazine looks to Cheer Factor!

The feature story entitled “Latest Trends in the Athletic and Uniform Market” featured Cheer Factor’s Director of Marketing. The competitive marketplace doesn’t leave room for error and being one step ahead of the competition is the name of the game.

Keeping on top of the latest trends in Warm-up apparel, from design to moisture wicking properties of today’s new age fabrics is something Cheer Factor’s James Preste, Director of Marketing doesn’t take lightly. In fact, it is something devotes time to each day, researching and talking with coaches and dance studios. “Working hand in hand with Cheer Factor’s in-house design staff allows Cheer Factor to lead, with innovative design ahead of the big players who produce most of their apparel overseas.” noted Preste. He went on in the article highlighting the importance of the female market who wants fashion in warm-ups and athletic clothing and the importance of listening to the customer.

As of this writing Cheer Factor’s competition One-of-a-kind Warm-ups, can be see on professional, collegiate, high school dance, cheer, volleyball and gymnastic teams in over 30 states.

To get started on Designing your One-Of-A-Kind Warm-up see our Create Your Warm-Up and Warm-Up Gallery tabs from our Home page.

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