When you design your one-of-a-kind warm-up, remember that you can personalize it with your team/club colors in tackle twill or embroidery.  Add your team logo, mascot, or individual names, year or sport - anything is possible.

Our fashion design staff can assist you in determining the best "look" when adding personalization to your warm-up.  Give us a call at 1-866-94-CHEER.

For some teams working with various typefaces can create a perfect logo. This California based Dance Studio, has an upbeat look that is bold and identifiable.

Color choice is what it is all about, whether in embroidery or twill/appliquÈ. This rich chocolate/gold and white logo shows why our art department can answer the call.

For this nationally ranked organization, only one word is required. And with red on a columbia blue twill drop shadow, readability is not an issue.

This California based Big Sky Conference Dance program, elected to use one color twill and embroidery for a clean visual on a forest green warm-up with metallic gold piping.

Florida based adult ballroom dance program, takes dance in a new direction and this design puts a new spin on the use of metallic red trim and metallic silver embroidery.

This Texas based premier All-Star team created a dominate graphic that incorporates three color twill and embroidery. Click here for News story on Texas teams

Aspire Athletics worked with Dove Soap - Unilever brands as their sponsor when creating their Warm-ups. The Dove logo was made part of the chest trim to flow with the design. Strategic placement of corporate logos, adds to the overall team identity and complements the Warm-up, plus the sponsor gets tremendous brand exposure.

We use only the finest Swaroski crystals to add the showmanship visual to your chest or jacket back logos. We can also create your entire logo in rhinestones or rhinestones placed on twill/fabric in random location pattern or as a continuous outline. Under performance lights your logo or team name will shimmer with professionalism.

No Logo
No Problem

Our Art Department has created some of the nations top team identity symbols that add professionalism to your warm-ups. Some teams might give us a rough sketch, like the Dance Work studio and we’ll make it a reality as well.

This California based collegiate cheer program, utilizes an eagle mascot as part of their design that works well together. Placed on left chest, school text in metallic red.

A strong graphic separates this national All-Star cheer program based in North Carolina. Detailed use of lime green, metallic silver and an accent of red is hard to beat.

A Chest design can give that degree of professionalism for your team at competition. Combine that with a full jacket back design for an unstoppable visual dominance.


Creative use of twill and embroidery with metallic purple and green thread, project a strong image for one of the nations leading Irish dance teams/programs.


It’s all about detail, and this combination of black twill letters outlined with a satin border combined with a detailed dancer graphic, literally sets the stage for this dance company.

Synchro Stars

Texas based Synchro Skating Team, needed to be visible and present a buttoned up look for visual presence on the ice, and this design accomplishes both.

This white warm-up with royal blue decoration, works together because of the double use of Twill and Embroidery in combination. The Team name is royal blue on a metallic silver twill background.  The dancers below were created in embroidery to hold the fine detail and duplicate the logo exactly.

Teams are using our warm-ups as performance costumes as well as a traveling or walk-on garments. Many teams have had our Art Dept. create Rhinestone or Rivet Head performance T Shirts to wear during a routine. We can create a custom design or we have hundreds of standard pre-made designs to choose from.

Full Jacket back designs project a dominate floor or arena presence.  Visibility is enhanced because of the size normally 11" wide versus a chest design which is normally 3 3/4" - 4 1/2 " wide.  Star graphics incorporated into a design remain popular for studios, gyms, clubs and professional teams alike.

Hot Pink
Hot Pink

Hard to find colors such as Hot Pink or Lime green, in twill or embroidery are common place with us.  Plus they are also available in our Performance fabrics as well,  along with 40 other colors to Create your Cheer Factor Warm-up.

The Stars Have It
Stars Have It

No matter what your idea might be to use a Star graphic to represent your team, we have done it.  Whether created as embroidery or in fabric twill in metallic, pebble grain, textured, smooth surface or naugahyde we can make your team visually unique.

Add Style to Your Pants
Add Style to Your Pants

More teams are adding graphics to their Warm-up pants, whether positioned on the front mid thigh, vertical down the leg at the very bottom or on the rear of the pants. Graphics or names add style and distinction, plus when practicing without your jacket a great team identifier.

Create your Warm-up with your studio logo as a Jacket Back Design (as shown) or as a Chest or Upper Thigh Pant design.  Shown in Metallic Red and Metallic Silver one color Twill. We will digitize your design for Twill or Embroidery application.

Team member names can be added in embroidery in over 200 colors directly to the warm-up in any typeface or as a name patch as shown here for a different look.

This collegiate team requested a use of both two color twill and embroidery,
shown in Forrest Green and Athletic Gold.   A clean professional image can
be achieved with this method.

Working with our fashion designers made sense when determining where to put the team name on a sleek front chest design.  Should it go above or below the Accent trim line, from a pure design standpoint,  incorporating the name “ into “the stripe allowed for an un-cluttered streamlined look and yet readable from a distance.

It is crucial when planning the personalization aspect of your warm-up to have strong visual identity to showcase your team when performing in an arena or venue.  Large graphics/logo goes a long way to achieving that, and this 11” wide Metallic Gold on White Twill design does that and more.

Chest graphics represents the first impression of your team and adds a finishing touch.  This 3” x 3” full embroidery design in Black, Grey and White creates a dominant and strong identity for the nationally recognized Berkshire Ballet Company, an Illinois based Ballet Studio who’s standing in the ballet community is well documented.

This unique free flowing letter style, provided by our YMCA Dance team client, was matched perfectly by our Art Dept. Four separate twill colors with metallic silver embroidery make this a stand-out design.

A bold yet clean combination of metallic silver twill on purple, with a hint of lime green as a detail drop shadow, adds real dimension to this logo. A perfect match to the 1 inch Accent trim used on the Warm-up for this leading CA based team.

An excellent example of color on color (black twill on black fabric) with a lime green satin stitched border, to separate the logo from the fabric. A stock library typeface was used in combination with the logo typeface to give it a stand alone look.

Dance Co
Northfield Dance

When deciding on position for your logo or team member name there are no rules, left chest or right chest. Some teams have even placed identification on jacket hoods, pant legs, arms, and backs of pants, it all depends on the visual impact you are looking for and our designers can help you with that decision.

Some jacket back designs, full embroidery is the only answer. Why? Because it works better than twill when fine detail is required such as a thin type font or detailed graphics like this dancer, embroidery will hold fine detail as is represented in this logo design.

Because our Warm-ups are proportion fit and designed for Dancers, Gymnasts and Cheerleaders – including Male, Female and Youth, many gyms and studios are using taglines to define their logos.  This enables multiple disciplines to work in harmony and this logo treatment is a great example of that unity.

Shown with metallic silver twill on jacket back and pants, with black and red embroidery on pants. Coach warm-up in contrasting black including 5 Stripe metallic/black/scarlet/black/metallic accent trim, on warm-up jacket and pants. Warm-up in Performance Fortrel Fabric.

Features a split color accent stripe in purple and athletic gold. Jacket back includes matching two color 3" twill letters, combined with purple embroidery. For and added distinction, the team name was added to the hood in athletic gold embroidery.


Shown with a detailed 10" custom studio logo on jacket back,  in purple and silver gray embroidery. Note the hairline detail we captured by using a fine satin stitch to outline each letter. The text was arched to capture the city name in the design. We can match any design or create a unique Logo for your studio or competition team with our staff of designers

A detailed three color custom full back embroidery design, shown in red, yellow and white, highlights this stretch Fortrel S fabric warm-up.

To compliment this white competition warm-up, red and royal blue twill, was used in a distinctive script typeface for smooth design feel.

Floor presence was maximized with this clean design. Using an oversized 7
inch X in royal blue twill, combined with white script embroidery as a sew-over on the twill, made this a show stopper. Shown in our Signature Performance black Wooley.

Anything is possible, this design incorporates two color metallic twill (royal blue and silver) on left chest that duplicates the look/design elements of the jacket back design. Right chest includes name in block type in metallic silver. A strong first impression as a walk-on utilizing both front and back team personalization.

Dance / Cheer teams want performance T-shirts, as part of their warm-up ensemble. This design includes a screened team name (STARS) with a clear crystal Rhinestone Star, for the nationally ranked South West All-Stars. Shirts come in a variety of colors and styles.

For visual dominance this 11” wide two color twill, (metallic blue on metallic silver) is highlighted with matching metallic thread on Stars and Dance Team. A reduced 4 ½” wide matching design, was used on jacket front as well for a coordinated professional look.

To get started on Designing your One-Of-A-Kind Warm-up see our Create Your Warm-Up and Warm-Up Gallery tabs from our Home page.

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